KRG the Don, Otile Brown Up In Arms Against Critics Terming Kenyan Artists As Poor (Screenshot)

The debate on performance of Kenyan music and it’s artists has been perennial and has roped in ambivalent discussions far & wide.

The discussion was recently unearthed by Eric Omondi after he admonished musicians to up their game and reach International levels. Similarly, video vixen & content creator Alex Mathenge purported that Kenyan artists are struggling to make ends meet despite having endorsements.

In relation to this, former CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Ezekiel Mutua ignited rage among artists after he termed them poor & lack talent.

KRG The Don And Otile

This was ironical since it was contrary to his job since he was meant to support artists in their endeavours. Either way, he redeemed himself recently by promising musicians his full support when he was appointed MCSK boss.

Most artists have decided not to respond to the paramount issue. But some like KRG and Otile Brown felt the flinch of the sentiments. Otile Brown went on his Instagram Live to address the issue, stating that Kenyan musicians are one of the most successful in Africa; meaning they’re not badly off financially.

Otile is without a doubt one of the richest Kenyan musicians; and often he shows us just that by flaunting exorbitant items like a pair of Ksh.80,000 croc boots by Balenciaga.

On the other hand, KRG also made his sentiment known via his Instagram; where he maintained that Kenyan artists are securing the bag. Here’s what he had to say;

KRG The Don

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