“Losing My Baby Shook My Faith In God” Size 8 On Grieving Her Late Baby

Size 8 and husband DJ Mo held a ground breaking ceremony on Wednesday, 20 April to celebrate the first day of construction for their retirement home as well as dedicate the 12 million piece of land to God. Sema blessings!

The low key event however saw close friends and a few entertainment journalists attend, and from what we’ve heard is that – the Murayas went all out!

Away from that, for the first time in many months we finally got to hear from Size 8 months after she went missing in action following her baby’s death a few months back.

Size 8

As you can imagine, the mother of two could not speak about her loss at the time as she needed to grieve and just when we thought she’d be ready – Size 8 was again rushed to hospital following High Blood pressure issues.

However thanks to her latest interview with presenter Ali, the singer cum preacher opened up for the first conforming that losing her baby in October was the hardest experience she’d ever encountered.

According to her, she considers that time as her lowest moment on earth since she also almost lost her life – just after losing the baby.

Being one who has been living and following God’s teachings – Size 8 couldn’t understand why she was facing all these challenges… something that she now says shook her faith.

Speaking about her lowest moment, Size 8 said;

Our lowest moment is when we lost our baby last year. I almost died. For me, that was my lowest moment because ilinishake Faith yangu. Imani yangu ilikuwa abit shaken.

Low key addressing the few couples who have been trending on social media for their breakups recently Size 8 went on to add;

We tell people as long as you’re in the media, don’t focus so much on social media clicks, likes and you don’t focus on your relationship as a couple.

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