Khaligraph Jones Hits Back At Baby Mama With New Song Dubbed Blue Ticks

Cashy Karimi who is popularly known for her status ‘Khaligraph Jones baby mama’ has been making headlines for the past few days after dragging her family drama to her social media pages.

So far she’s tainted her baby daddy’s image by accusing him of being a deadbeat dad and a father who allegedly blocked his own son’s scholarship to play football in UK but the rapper refused to issue a consent letter.

My baby got a blessing, he got a scholarship to play here then travel to Lamu then travel to the UK then back. So I believed that was a good opportunity because my kid wouldn’t need anyone anymore,”

Cashy And Khaligraph

Well you see, a child cannot leave the country without the consent of his parents…whether separated or divorced so long as the parents names appear on the birth certificate both parents hold full custody of the child.

For that reason, the parent who is not accompanying the child on the said trip has to issue a consent letter – to prove they are aware of their child’s trip.

Anyway seeing how dramatic Cashy Karimi has been on social media – Khaligraph Jones has now dropped a short snippet of a song we believe is dubbed blueticks.

From the lyrics you can clearly tell he is throwing shade as he sings kwa Messo ni blue ticks which simply means

“I ignore the messages by reading and not responding” and I’m thinking….mmmh new dedz to Cashy?

Anyway I wouldn’t wanna get into deep especially since this is a family issue that can only be resolved in a family court.

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