Jalango’s Restaurant Still Making Losses Months After It Started Operation

Jalang’o is optimistic his restaurant will break even in a few months’ time, the eatery is currently making losses due to operational costs.

The Lang’ata MP hopeful and his wife Amina Chao ventured into the restaurant business when they opened a high-end eatery located in Nairobi CBD on April 19, 2022.

Jalang’o spoke about how his restaurant, which specializes in traditional food and African cuisine, is faring while speaking during an interview with Youtuber Mungai Eve.

Have not really been hands on the business, it’s my wife who has a lot that she can say. We thank God where we are, every singe day we are growing and that’s the best thing about business,” he said.

Jalang'os Restaurant

The comedian turned politician revealed that his restaurant is currently making losses. However, he remains optimistic that he will start making profits in a month or two.

“We have been able to pay our rent, pay our debts, pay other people, and pay almost everything. So in a month or two we might start realizing now the profits starting to come in,” Jalang’o said.

“Because you see when you start a business there are a lot of challenges that come with it. There are expenses that you have to pay again and again before you finally settle down and get yourself running,” he added.

The Lang’ata MP hopeful further encouraged other prospective business owners not to be discouraged by losses made in the early stages of starting their ventures.

“So don’t ever be afraid to start a business even if you are still not there 100 per cent. Talk to partners, talk to people you can work with so that as the business grows you pay off debts, you pay your people and make sure that the systems are running and in a month or two you will be in the money. No business starts and kaboom you are in profits, there are challenges every day,” Jalang’o advised.

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