Kenya Offers To Send Police Officers To Battle Gangs In Haiti- CS Mutua

Alfred Mutua, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, says Kenya has offered to send a contingent of police officers to Haiti to assist the country in combating a reign of terror waged on civilians by marauding gangs.

CS Mutua discussed the Haiti situation with Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly over the phone on Saturday.

“We reviewed Haiti’s situation where gangs have made towns & peoples’ lives unbearable. In this regard, Kenya has offered to send police officers to assist in stabilizing the country. 🇨🇦 is one of the nations at the forefront in supporting Haiti’s process towards stability,” CS Mutua said on Twitter. 

Dr. Alfred Mutua
Dr. Alfred Mutua

CS Mutua also revealed that the Sudan crisis was discussed on Saturday, and that Kenya has offered to mediate between the two warring groups in Sudan.

“We both called on an immediate ceasefire and respect of #HumanRights & called on countries undermining Sudan’s peace and stability to refrain from doing so immediately,” CS Mutua revealed on Twitter. 

“Additionally, we agreed to support each other in the evacuation of our citizens,” 

At the same time, Mutua stated that the Kenya-Canada partnership would provide opportunities for Kenyans to work in Canada as well as open up mutual investment opportunities for both countries.

” Already, we are adjusting our TVET curriculum to meet the Canadian Labour market so that Kenyan graduates can qualify for immediate placement in Canada,” he added. 

“We are keen to not only attract Canadian investors to Kenya but also open up the Candanian market for value added products from Kenya,” 

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