It Was A David Vs Goliath Moment As Sandra Dacha And Aggie The Dance Queen Faced-Off in A Hilarious Dance Challenge

Despite having expressed her fears that pregnancy would affect her dance career, Aggie The Dance Queen wowed fans as she faced off with actress Sandra Dacha in a jig.

The duo, in a well-choreographed dance routine, appears to almost come into a physical fight before they begin shaking their waists in synchrony.

The dance queen mocked the comedienne, posting in response to the short Instagram video:

“Hii haitakuwa fair fight.wacha nikuhurumie juu haitaki hasira,” (This is not a fair fight, I will be lenient with you).”

Fans reacted to the video


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Here are some of the reactions from fans:

@nila254 said:

“When they said once a dancer always a dancer, they were right about all of us dancer.”

@asena_kay posted:

“Mtoto wa Aggie hufeel ka pilot kwa jet fighter za Ukraine anazungushwa huku na huko bila wasiwasi,” (Aggie’s unborn baby must be experiencing what fighter jet pilot go through,”

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