Bensoul’s 22 Year Old Baby Mama Denies Their Unborn Baby Is A Result Of A One Night Stand

Bensoul just turned 24 years just the other day and I bet his gift for this is year is learning that he has a baby on the way.

Well, unfortunately Bensoul isn’t having the baby with his girlfriend, Noni Gathoni; but with a female he met in Mombasa last year.

From what we’ve learnt is that the lady is 22 years old and a former student at Technical University of Mombasa; where she studied procurement, purchasing, acquisitions and contracts management.


From her social media pages, one can see that she is not into posting much about herself; but damn Tiffany Muikamba’s body is what does the talking for her – that is judging from the small waist and thick thighs.

Anyway with everyone attacking her for apparently being a greedy side chick ( cause clearly Bensoul and Noni have an open relationship) Tiffany has come out to defend herself from the accusations.

According to her, the unborn baby was never a result of a one night stand but all Tiffany says they met in October; and by February 2022 – she was 3 months pregnant.

Addressing the one night stand rumor, Tiffany said;

Well I’ll just say this I met him during the Oktoberfest in 2021 I think it was on 31st October and now I’m 3 months pregnant as of end of February. You can do the math and see whether the pregnancy was a result of a one night stand or not.

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