‘I Turned Down A Vasectomy,’ – Oga Obinna

Kiss FM host Oga Obinna says he will consider whether to take the new male oral contraceptive or not.

The contraceptive was found to be 99% effective on mice.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Obinna says men will no longer have an excuse for not protecting their women against unwanted pregnancy.

Comedian Obinna (1)

“There was vasectomy which most men including myself turned down, you won’t be saying that she is the only one who has the responsibility to protect herself.

Once you take these pills you will be shooting blanks. We now have options.”

Obinna posed,

Men, would you take these tablets ama utasema to let me fill this earth? Ladies, would you allow your man to be the one doing the protection?”

For the longest time women have been the ones left to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy.

Most men have never embraced vasectomy due to misconceptions and the stigmatization surrounding the procedure.

Women have a lot of options among them are; copper T, monthly injections, oral pills, etc.


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