Riziki Ni Wababa! Amber Ray Tells A Fan Who Advised Her To Start A Business

Socialite Amber Ray says she depends on men to survive.

The mother of one was responding to a fan identified as Olive who told her to start a business since she has a huge following on her social media.

She wrote;

“Aki Amber, you have a platform. You are beautiful. Use your beauty with your brain to push your brand. Toa skin care products zako, lipstick since you have a lot of fans and haters who don’t know there is also fans who will buy…”


In her response, Amber told the fan Olive that business is not for everyone, her business comes from men.

If you did not get it, forget about it!

Here is her response;

“Sio kila mtu mwanabiashara(Not everyone who is a businessperson). Riziki yangu ni wababa (my livelihood depends on men). Kubaff!”

Earlier on, Amber shared a video of her twerking saying that is the kind of videos women should send to their men so they win trips to Dubai.

In another post, she said

“Love without money tastes like mwarubaini.”

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