‘I knew My Votes Would Be Stolen’ – Bahati Finally Speaks About His Loss In Mathare

Kelvin Kioko aka Bahati finally gathered the strength to talk about the shock defeat in the Mathare constituency race in the just concluded August 9, 2022, General Election.

Speaking at the Wamusyi Night festival held at Signature Mall on October 8, Bahati questioned why politicians from the Kamba community always agree to step aside for others.

“I was offered a job by the party that lost in the election (Azimio), but I refused,” he said.


He pointed out that he did not want to follow in the footsteps of other leading politicians from the community who sacrificed their ambitions for others.

“In the past, Mike Sonko was told to step aside, Kalonzo was asked to step aside and Bahati was also told to step aside,” he lamented.

Bahati further addressed his loss in the Mathare race, claiming that he knew he would be rigged out.

“So I did not win, but I knew they would steal my votes, but I tried,” he said.

Bahati invested heavily in campaigning for the Mathare constituency seat speaking in an interview just days before the election, he disclosed that he had spent Ksh33 million since beginning his campaigns for the Mathare Member of Parliament (MP) seat and that he was prepared to spend Ksh10 million on the election date August 9.

“So far I have spent like Ksh 33 million. I am planning to spend Ksh 10 million on election day,” Bahati said

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