Gor Mahia Fans To Hold Protest Against Chairman Rachier’s Freemasonry Activities

Gor Mahia fans have notified the police of their intention to hold peaceful demonstrations against the club’s chairman Ambrose Rachier who confessed that he was a member of the freemason secret group.

K’Ogalo fans through Judith Anyango notified the Nairobi regional police commander of their intentions to hold the protest in a letter dated October 11, 2022.

According to the letter, the club’s supporters intend to hold peaceful demonstrations on Thursday, October 13, 2022.

Gor Mahia Chairman

The protest procession is set to start at Uhuru Park at 11 am.

Gor Mahia fans lament that the club’s chairman Ambrose Rachier caused K’Ogalo ridicule and public embarrassment after he publicly confessed that he was a member of the dreaded freemason secret group.

“Gor Mahia FC is not part of Mr Rachier in his freemasonry adventure and we wish to strongly condemn his continued association with the club after making such an admission that cost us so much ridicule and public embarrassment,” Gor fan Judith Anyango said.

Rachier revealed that he was a member of the freemason secret group while speaking during an interview with NTV

The lawyer disclosed details of his journey as a member of the secret cult since he was introduced by two of his friends in 1994.

He claimed that the oath-bound society does not offer human sacrifices, contrary to widespread rumours.

Rachier sought to clarify that the group, which is originally a men-only affair, is also not associated with Satanism or any form of devil worship.

“I have heard some saying we sacrifice family members; there is nothing like that. In fact, it is universally practised worldwide,” he stated.

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