Huddah Says She Spends Most Of Her Time In Dubai Getting Drilled

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Socialite Huddah Monroe says as she grows older, she has started valuing a lot of things she previously took for granted. Among them is her time.

Huddah, who has been in the Arab emirate for over a year, said most of the time, she is busy with her errands and the spare time she gets, she is with her man, making love.

“Like for me, time, love and health are the most important things to me than money. When you have those, money comes. And most of those things you can’t buy. And that’s on God,” she said.

“Every second counts and the little spare time I get, I spend it having sex with my boo. We shall meet at the top. Stay fly, y’all. Remember time is of the essence.

Spend it wisely with those who matter the most.”

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Source: The Star

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