Huddah Monroe Reveals She Makes Millions Selling Nudes Online

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City socialite, Huddah Monroe has for the first time come clean about the amount of money her raunchy Instagram Onlyfans account has been earning her.

The babe was wise enough to create her own Onlyfans account where she posts her sexually explicit photos and videos but for every subscriber, there is payment for that.

According to Pulse, the socialite disclosed that in the recent few months, she bagged a sum $45,000, appr. KSh 4.8M but that’s not all.

The petite lass shocked fans after revealing she has a remaining $7,000, appr. KSh 0.76M left in the Onlyfans account.

So in the platform, everyone who needs to view her profile, first has to subscribe at a fee. Her account basically includes nudes and even intimacy videos of herself.

Known for her no-nonsense clap backs, the socialite born Alhuda Njoroge urged fans never to be embarrassed about their hustle because when you have nothing, only very few will come to your rescue.

Source: Mpasho

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