Huddah Monroe Admits Buying 5 Bedroom Apartment Just To Show Off On Social Media

The flashy lifestyle of socialite Huddah Monroe depicts her love for exorbitant properties and material wealth.

The fact that she spent 2 years living in Dubai just tells you she’s not your average socialite.

But at least she has her own company and makes her own cash. She is one of the most sought after female celebrities in Kenya.

Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe
Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe

The pressure she mounts on young girls following her on Instagram is tangible. Some Kenyan women will do anything just for cash and to shake their bums on a yacht in Dubai .

They’ll walk around with sponsors, not wary of their future.

”I had a 5 bedroom house and I only lived in 1 room. And never ever used my 2 living rooms… Filled with things I didn’t need.

Huddah Monroe

Source: Ghafla

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