How Noti Flow Discovered Her New Man Is Still In High School

Kenyan rapper Natalie Florence popularly known as Noti Flow has expressed her disappointment after discovering that her new boyfriend is still a student in high school.

Early this month, Noti Flow shared a video having a good time with her new man. She disclosed that they met on social media, had a great conversation and decided to go on a date.

In the video, the two embraced romantically and at some point they shared a passionate kiss. After sharing the video, Noti Flow discovered that her new lover identified as Edris was still a student and in his final year of high school.

“He would have finished high school at 20 but didn’t get the grade he had anticipated and so he went back to Form 3. Now he’s in his last year. He told me this a day after we had met. After I’ve already posted the video. Boy was devastated. He thought I was very mad at him and probably won’t talk to him.”

Edris and Noti Flow

Noti Flow shared screenshots on her Instastory, explaining how she felt after finding out that the young man she had fallen for was much younger than she had thought.

Noti Flow admitted that she forgave him and promised to wait for him until December when he will be done with school.

“But I’m a very understanding human. He called me and apologised and explained everything. He said his feelings for me were real even though everything else was not. So I forgave him and promised to wait for him. December ain’t far if the feelings are genuine.”

The musician also shared that during their conversations, Edris displayed so much maturity that she was shocked when she found out about his age.

“We were literally talking love, marriage, investment. Telling you when I found out he was still in high school I was flabbergasted.”

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