‘I Did Not Look As Cute As I Expected,’ Rosa Ree Addresses Insecurities During Pregnancy

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree recently announced on her social media page that she had become a mother. The news came as a surprise to her fans, who had no idea that the singer was pregnant.

Since then, Rosa Ree has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her fans, revealing some of the challenges she faced and the changes that occurred to her body.

In a recent post, Rosa Ree opened up about how her pregnancy was not exactly how she had imagined it to be. She revealed that she experienced a pregnancy nose and darker skin tone that made her look very different from how she usually did.

Rosa Ree pregnancy look is not what she expected

While she initially hoped to look cute during pregnancy, the changes made her feel less confident about her appearance. However, Rosa Ree emphasized that despite the challenges, the experience of becoming a mother was worth it all.

The singer used a special post-Mother’s Day video to talk about her pregnancy journey further.

In one of the clips, she said, “Me thinking I will slay when I am pregnant,” showing off her made-up face and baby bump. In another clip, she showed her darker skin and larger nose, jokingly saying, “For sure pregnancy and nose need to settle their differences.”

Through the video, Rosa Ree aimed to shed light on the struggles that many expectant mothers go through and to encourage greater respect and support for them.

Rosa Ree also spoke out against cyberbullying of pregnant women, saying, “Any expectant mother feels insecure in her new body.”

 She called on everyone to show more empathy and compassion towards expectant mothers, saying, “Let us learn to respect women, Leba is not a joke! WOMEN ARE THE STRONGEST BEINGS ON EARTH.”

Furthermore, Rosa Ree emphasized the power of motherhood, saying, “Motherhood is the biggest power given to us humans by GOD!”

She encouraged everyone to recognize the strength and resilience of expectant and new mothers and to support them in their journeys.

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