Eric Omondi Unveils Own Ksh.18 Million Night Club

Self-proclaimed President of Comedy in Africa Eric Omondi has finally made good his much-anticipated September 1, 2022 promise – launching his posterity project.

Eric, who has been teasing the date over the last one week, has been vague about what exactly he was intending to do on the said date, only dropping a few hints on his Instagram page.

In the lead up to the seismic surprise, the controversial comic released a corrupted version of ‘Wimbo wa Historia’ where he sang of his reverence for pioneering Kenyan comedians and also heaped praise and hope on the current crop of comedians who took over from the likes of Mama Kayai, Ojwang, Othorong’ong’o and Likobe.

Eric Omondi

Eric’s big surprise turned out to be the unveiling of his latest project – a club he’s now become the full owner of.

Proudly parading his achievements, Eric revealed that he is now the owner of Maxy’s Lounge, along Isiolo Road.

The lounge, Eric said, is still under renovation and will be fully complete in 35 days.

Flanked by a bevy of beauties, Eric spoke of the need for Kenyan artists to invest in their future and not squander their earnings in their prime.

“We’ve seen Kenyan artists who used to be big back in the day and now they’re back to poverty. Some even have unveiled Paybill numbers seeking public donations. Kenyan artists should learn to invest their monies for their latter days. I’ve been in the industry for the last 14 years, and as I turn 40, I am proud of the far that I have come and all that I have accomplished,” a beaming Eric said.

About Maxy’s Lounge, Eric said that he had acquired the property from the previous owner and that he was intending to sink at least Ksh.40 million into the club’s renovation.

For instance, he said, the sound system will cost Ksh.4.5 million, the furniture will gobble up upwards of Ksh.3.8 million, the disco lighting will cost him at least Ksh.2.7 million, the kitchen upgrade another Ksh.3.9 million and the VIP Sports Bar will see the comedian’s pockets lose another Ksh.2.2 million.


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“I want to use this facility to grow talent. I will allow upcoming artists to shoot their videos here, I’ll be hosting talent nights every Tuesday and basically use this space to grow Kenyan talent. Nameless, Redsan, Nonini, all these legends were discovered at F2 Club. This is the new F2 for all Kenyan artists,” he said.

Eric has, of late, been at loggerheads with Kenyan artists whom he has repeatedly dubbed as ‘boring’ and uninterested in redefining their brand.

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