Notiflow Unfollows Everyone On Instagram For The Sake Of New Girlfriend (Screenshot)

Kenyan rapper Florence Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow recently unveiled her newly found love after her separation with King Alami.

The rapper went ahead to share her chats with her new catch on how it all started before they fell in love.

Taking to her social media handle over the weekend, Noti Flow shared a reel with her new bae on a boat heading to an unknown location. Her caption read;

My new gal pretty af tho 😜 🥰

The rapper did not show the face of her new lover, not just yet. But her hair and color complexion was similar to Alami’s- maybe a perfect replacement?

Noti Flow

After the break-up, Alami has gone MIA, insinuating she might be hurting all alone. I mean, she even had tats of Notiflow all over her body. The break-up has certainly bruised her.

Anyway, Notiflow has already moved on. And she’s willing to do anything for her new lover, including unfollowing everyone on her Instagram. She said it herself via her Insta stories;

”She said I should unfollow everyone so I did. Anything for my girl.”

And indeed, Notiflow unfollowed everyone, including her ex King Alami.

Noti Flow

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