Carol Sonnie Speaks on Her Pregnancy, Having Stretch Marks

Actress Carrol Sonnie has shared how her pregnancy hormones were making her hate women.

In a Q&A a fan asked Sonie if she had mood swings during her pregnancy journey.

“Imagine my pregnancy haikuwa inapenda wamama, weirdly my ears would even block in crowded places. I don’t understand the reason behind it though,” she shared.

Carol Sonnie

Another fan was curious to know how Carrol handles some post-delivery challenges such as stretch marks.

Sonie affirmed that she is positive about the changes in her body.

“I had stretch marks even before pregnancy and I still do. I honestly love stretch marks and never thought of getting rid of them. They add more beauty to your body darling,” she wrote.

The mother of one also denied reports that she is dating singer Madini classic.

As clarified earlier, Sonie insisted that they were only working on a music video where she was a video vixen.

She had warned that some people blew her intimate pictures with Madini out of proportion.

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