KRG’s Ex-Wife Linah Spotted Hanging Out With Yet Another Man (Video)

Rapper KRG is feeling the flinch of marrying a wife who wasn’t ready for marriage.

As a matter of fact, Linah seems to be enjoying the street life more than the marriage life she was previously in.

After she reportedly started dating Mbogi Genje’s manager, Linah seems like she’s still not settling on one man.

To add salt to the injury, KRG was in bitter war with Mbogi Genje shortly before Linah was spotted hanging out with their manager; who even went ahead to purport he will be marrying her soon.

But Linah has now been spotted hanging out with another man, identified as Nimrod Nick; who happens to be a businessman.

This is not the first time the two are hanging out together in a club. KRG must be dissapointed in Linah, even though he accepted the fact that she’s still the mother of his kids and won’t trash-talk her.

In addition, KRG refuted to be associated with any of Linah’s actions after their separation. He’s currently looking forward to divorcing her.

Watch Linah’s short clip hanging out with Nimrod below;

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