Brendah Jons Says She Is No Longer Part Of LGBTQ – ‘It Was Just A Phase’

Comedian Brenda Jons alias Mama Kinsgton now says she has found Christ and is no longer gay.

The content creator shared this revelation claiming that it was just a phase in her life and she now has a better identity.

“That time of my life was a phase that I had to go through and I went through it and I’m no longer in it anymore.

Brenda Jons

“As humans we grow every day, things change every day, we develop every day and discover ourselves every day. And with time, I am realizing that wasn’t really my identity. It wasn’t who I am but more of a phase,” she stated.

The 25-year-old noted that she is trading her gay lifestyle for a fulfilled relationship with God.

“I accept change, I accept when my life is taking a different turn and am never scared to start from scratch. I let life flow and I think at this point I am letting God take control of my life,” she stated.

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