Huddah Monroe Reveals She Made Her First Million From A Stranger

The Kenyan beauty mogul and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe in a recent Q&A session with her followers on Instagram revealed that she made her first million when she was just 20 years old.

How she made it is the really interesting part.

According to the vocal global trotting socialite, her first million was from a well-wisher! Like someone just decided to bless her with a million shillings just because they felt like she needed it.

Huddah Monroe

esponding to a fan who had asked her,

” at what age did you make your first million?”

Huddah candidly said,

” I was 20 years old. From a well-wisher lol! Not hard work to be honest.”

Excuse me while I go cry because what? Also don’t you all love Huddah’s honesty, I mean she could have lied about how she toiled and hawked stuff considering her humble background but the entrepreneur was straight with her answer.

nother curious fan asked her if she would be willing to take them under her wing as they truly adored her and her journey.” Would you mentor someone who adores you?” The netizen posed the question.

To which Miss Monroe revealed that she had thought of the idea for some time now and had something in the pot cooking already

” Yes I’m working on this, will share soon,” Huddah said excitedly.

Huddah has grown into a big brand name over the years owing to the success of her expanding skincare, beauty, and wellness company.

Earlier last month she shared her rate card adding she had created the rate card to put off men who put on a façade that they have money.

People ask me why I don’t go out and chill l unless it’s important or business. Here in Dubai, too many boys are acting rich lol.

All they wanna chill with you for is to sneak a picture to show later to get p@ssy coz their girls will believe. They f#cked you coz of a blurry sneaked photo,.

So instead of wasting my energy, I’m home boo. Chilling with me for even shisha is 300$ (356,989.87 Ksh) 30 min maximum. That’s how I filter their riff raffs, coz I know the agenda first hand.”

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