These ‘Lemonade Braids’ Will Get You A Valentines Date ASAP!

Let your inner Beyonce help you find the one before Valentine’s day approaches. 

Lemonade braids provide a generous side part, so you can flip your hair effortlessly and attract your prince charming.

lemonade braids
image: Pinterest

1. Part your hair horizontally at the nape of your neck with a comb.

Using the tail of your comb, create a part from right to left.

lemonade braids
image: youtube

2. Start a three-strand braid from there. 

Begin on the left side of the horizontal section.

lemonade braids
image: youtube

3. Continue braiding

Add strands of hair to the lines to keep them thick and long for maximum effect. Repeat the process for other lines.

lemonade braids
image: youtube

4. The end result. 

Image result for lemonade braids"
image: the trending hairstyle

For a video tutorial on how to get this look watch here:

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