This Ivorian Artist, Laetitia Ky Has A Unique Way Of Styling Her Hair

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Laetitia Ky is an artist like no other. She uses her body as the material for her work.

She uses it to create art, piled up high on top of her head. Sometimes it’s political, sometimes it’s beautiful and sometimes it’s simply bizarre, according to BBC.

Laeti’s art went viral when she made a series of sculptures depicting a pair of hands. Her unusual art has been featured on some notable tabloids in the world amassing quite a following on social media.

Laetitia’s hairstyles go beyond just art, they make bold statements on social issues like the #MeToo movement, stigmas against mental illness, gender inequality, gun violence, wildlife protection, breast cancer awareness and more.

She hopes her styles will help women accept and embrace their natural hair texture.

After planning the hairstyle with a sketch, she goes ahead to sculpt painstakingly for hours.

The coconut on the beach.

Head of aviation.

Passion for wildlife.


She can even be an archer when she wants to.

Selfie taking made easy.

That time of the month

What if you had an extra hand


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