Laetitia Ky is an artist like no other. She uses her body as the material for her work.

She uses it to create art, piled up high on top of her head. Sometimes it’s political, sometimes it’s beautiful and sometimes it’s simply bizarre, according to BBC.

Laeti’s art went viral when she made a series of sculptures depicting a pair of hands. Her unusual art has been featured on some notable tabloids in the world amassing quite a following on social media.

Laetitia’s hairstyles go beyond just art, they make bold statements on social issues like the #MeToo movement, stigmas against mental illness, gender inequality, gun violence, wildlife protection, breast cancer awareness and more.

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The #amazon forest has been burning for several weeks now. And we know how awful is it for the humanity since this forest provides 20% of the oxygen we breathe. What happens in amazonia occurs around the world. My country has already lost 95% of its forest and a lot of forrest in the world are burning regulary. Human make forests disappear around the world and destroy the environment to make profit by forgetting that without life, there is no more economy at all. And when you look how things are actually in the world it's easy to lose hope. Discrimination, wars, abuses, poverty, destruction of the environment … money is the most important thing and humans are ready for anything to have it… it's depressing and lately Thinking about it made me sad at point i cant explain. I wondered what was the meaning of all this? The meaning of the battles that we lead every day while things seems to get worse. All my strength left me and I thought I was just done with it all. Luckily some of you here have helped me a lot with wise words and now I blame myself for being pessimistic before. We have the right to be exhausted a few times but give up is the worst thing to do … when we lose hope the bad wins but when we continue to fight there is always a chance to change things. We may not see it enough, but there is still good on earth, kindness, positivity. Someone told me that as there are people who have decided to destroy the word, we have to keep in mind that there is many people who are determined not to let them do it. We must never be discouraged about the good we do. Let's continue the efforts even when everything seems lost. The positive acts have always their impact as minimal as they are. Regarding the environment, i look for information since what is happening in Amazonia to be more educated on the topic. I know i have to change my habits now. There is a lot of things that I didnt know and that i discover with my research and I dont intend to give up. I will be happy to know the daily actions you make to protect the environment. It will help me and a lot of other peoples to adopt the right attitudes to help our environment. Lets be change we want for the world.

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She hopes her styles will help women accept and embrace their natural hair texture.

After planning the hairstyle with a sketch, she goes ahead to sculpt painstakingly for hours.

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#bodypositive #bodypositivity #selflove #selfacceptance #loveyourself #booty🍑 Story by @kadia_b I have always had a “bigger” butt, especially compared to the rest of my frame. Always, since the day I was born. It never really bothered me until it started bringing attention. Unwanted attention. Attention from my mom and aunties teasing me about it for as long as I can remember, Attention from other girls in the playground gasping laughing and asking if it was bothering or too heavy, Attention from boys in middle school asking me if they could touch it or if I could twerk, And after I went through puberty, Attention from men. Now, you would think that in a society where having a large buttock is praised and worshiped thanks to people like Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj, and that I should feel lucky to have one naturally. I don’t. My body was not a trend and I had to tolerate people’s comments long before it became something likable on the eyes of the world. Growing up in Africa women with curves are considered more attractive and more beautiful, but the only thing I really felt like was objectified. That’s why I grew up hating my butt, I would wear long top to hide it and google all types of exercises to shrink it. But it never worked, because it was merely part of me. That’s when I came to the realization that the ass is not what I didn’t like, what people had to say about it, especially when no one asked, is what affected me. The unwanted attention. So I decided to stop caring, and fell in love with my body.

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The coconut on the beach.

Head of aviation.

Passion for wildlife.


She can even be an archer when she wants to.

Selfie taking made easy.

That time of the month

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I have sometimes blamed this body, this biology that makes me a woman. this vagina, this womb, these breasts and all these elements that make me a woman… this biology that make me live so much discriminations. But there is no reason to blame it because it's a beautiful gift. Today i want to celebrate it. To my period… in addition to making my life difficult sometime, you make me live hell in society. Haha how many times i have wished to have you once a year. But im lucky. In some parts of the world, a woman with her period is considered impure. She is sidelined and no one should touch her and talk to her during all the time she have it. Even our societies considered as ""advanced"" continue to judge you dirty, stinking, and horrible. But I love you. You are natural. And you are here each month because my body is working properly. Shoutout to my endometriosis women out there. I can't feel your pain but im still with you. 🙁 … To my breast and tits that are censored, and demonize because considered too sexual, too perverse … i love you. … This womb that everyone want to control like a public property… i love you. …. This clitoris that is cut from women often because some societies estimate that she dont deserve to have sexuals pleasures. (I have a thought for every mutiled woman that endure this. It's generally african women and besides to cut their pleasure, theses mutilations create a lot of health issues). And there is still so much other elements that i deeply love… Today, I felt a huge need to celebrate not only my body… but my entire biology. it makes me a woman and I am proud of it #women #body #selflove #selfcare #period

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What if you had an extra hand