World Population Hits 8 Billion, UN Says It’s A Future Risk

The United Nations has announced that the world, as of yesterday, November 15, 2022, reached the 8 billion mark. According to the United Nations, the majority of low- and lower-middle-income nations in sub-Saharan Africa accounted for around 70% of the increase from seven billion to eight billion people.

Through a statement, the UN disclosed that these countries in sub-Saharan Africa would account for another billion increase in the population in the following years.

“When the next billion is added between 2022 and 2037, these two groups of countries are expected to account for more than 90 percent of global growth,” the organisation said.

World Population

UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated that the increasing population would lead to a world of mistrust.

“Unless we bridge the yawning chasm between the global haves and have-nots, we are setting ourselves up for an 8-billion-strong world filled with tensions and mistrust, crisis and conflict,” he stated.

This comes barely a week after American television host, Nick Cannon said that he was expecting his 12th child next year, making it to the list of celebrities with more than seven children.

A report from The Sun claimed that Cannon “nearly paid $3 million a year in child support,” however the musician and actor told The Neighborhood Talk that the actual number is much larger.

“I definitely spend a lot more than that on my children annually,” he said.

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