Woman Who Buried Her Husband With Live Python Explains Her Actions (Video)

Just recently, a shocking video went viral showing a Ghanaian woman protecting her dead husband with a live snake, which reportedly bit and killed him.

The python was seen wrapping around her neck before it was time for her to utter her last words as pallbearers prepared to transport the body to its final resting spot.

Any voices in the distance clarified that the snake bit the deceased’s tongue and that was how he died, so she felt it was appropriate to bury him with what killed him.

As part of her late husband’s entombment rituals, the spouse was seen placing one of his snakes into the coffin.

In a recent interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM, the Ashanti woman explained why she did what she did.

According to her, the snake was a present from her late husband to their daughter. She went on to say that her late husband was a creature lover, and now that he’s gone, no one will provide about the snake, so she decided to bury it alongside her late husband.


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