Woman Expose Bogas “Most Ghanaian Men In Germany Only Date Us For Free Rent And Food”

Germany-based Ghanaian Anastasia Quainoo has stated that most Ghanaian men in Germany only date the Ghanaian women there for rent and food.

ghana woman and ghanaian men abroad

Speaking on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Madam Ann indicated that the perception that Ghanaian women abroad mistreat their husbands is false. According to her, women in Ghana are no different from those abroad.

Moreover, these men only date or marry them with conditions.

“The men here date and use us, but we are all Ghanaians. They come for us from Ghana, and we come to grow here. We are the same women. Most of the men here want us because they don’t pay rent.

“I have my place, so he won’t have to pay rent. He will eat your food and sleep with us for free. Some even take your money as well,” she told DJ Nyaami.

Madam Ann also shared her thoughts on Ghanaian parents’ approval of a relationship with someone with a residence permit.

“I won’t advise any lady abroad the marry a man with a residence permit. For a man to marry a lady abroad for love it is not true. You will only find 20% who are real,” she noted.

Speaking on her relationships, Madam Ann revealed that she once heard her husband having sex with another woman over the phone. According to Mrs. Quainoo, her husband inadvertently called her while in the act.


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