A Married Man Says “My Money Is For The Family, But My Wife’s Money Is Hers Alone”

Speaking on the subject of child benefits being a cause for marital divorce among Ghanaians in the UK especially, Randy indicated that it is different for him because he believes that a man’s wages belong to the wife and children.

“My money belongs to the family but my wife’s money belongs to her. It all depends on the foundation of the relationship. My wife and I make every financial decision together. Whatever my wife needs, I make sure that I support her with it,” he said on SVTV Africa.

Randy added that there is an understanding between them hence there is no friction on financial issues.

“There is an understanding between us. She knows how much I make and I also her salary. We have not shared the responsibility but she can provide as well but I take care of most of the things,” he told host, DJ Nyaami.

Randy encouraged that it is all about communication. He lives in Milton Keynes with his Zambian wife and child.


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