White Woman Who Spat On Ghanaian Maid Spotted Dancing With Her As They Reconcile (Video)

Just some days ago, a digusting video went viral which showed an elderly white woman repeatedly spitting on a Ghanaian woman who was her caregiver.

This video attracted a lot of criticisms. A new video has however surfaced and it seems the two have smoked the peace pipe.

A new video shows these two in high spirits as they danced together to an indigenous Ghanaian tune and toast to a drink.

After the first video went viral, Eli who is the caregiver reached out stating that the woman is suffering from dementia and does worse things whenever her health deteriorates. Eli said she took the video as a piece of evidence and did not mean to share it.

According to her, these videos got leaked because her mobile phone got missing and someone got access to it.

Eli added that she has been working with this woman for over 5 years and has enjoyed the condition thus she is not seeking public sympathy since that was not the reason she took the videos.


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