We Don’t Need Mortuaries, ER Chief Imam Hits Back At Mahama

The Eastern Regional Chief Imam, has indicated that mortuaries are not necessities for Zongo communities.

Speaking CTV News, he noted that said establishing of morgues in Zongo communities as propagated by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is needless because it does not contribute to development.

“We need schools, hospitals, ICT facilities and libraries to bring development and not mortuaries,” he said.

Page 82 of the People’s Manifesto 2020 by the NDC clearly spells out that the next NDC government will “facilitate the establishment of mortuaries in accordance with Islamic customs and practices and collaborate with the Ministry of Health to set up focal teams responsible for procedures that are compliant with Islamic Customs and practices at all public mortuaries”.

Sheikh Amdani further said that building mortuaries to store Muslim dead bodies before burial is not as important as “providing a special place to bath dead bodies before laying them to rest.”

He reiterated that developing Zongo through education is better than establishing mortuaries.

Meanwhile, a non-partisan and apolitical umbrella Muslim organisation known as the Federation of Muslim Councils (FMC) says it is in support of any moves to establish mortuaries to cater to Muslim corpses in accordance to Islamic traditions must be embraced by all Muslims.

A statement signed by the Secretary-General of the group, Alhajj Muhammad Amir Kpakpo Addo on Friday, 25 September 2020, indicated that the campaign promise made by the NDC

“smacks of good thoughts for Muslims” and must be welcomed, adding: “It is, therefore, disingenuous of any Muslim to stand in the way of Islam by impugning on the promise to provide decent and dignifying last respect to the Muslim dead regardless who is making the promise.”

Source: Class FM


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