VDJ Flex Had Also Set A Trap For Purity Wangechi’s Bestfriend

The night that the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication student was killed, the suspected killer and boyfriend lied to Purity Wangechis’s best friend to cover his tracks.

Glory Ndanu says that VDJ Flex picked up Purity’s phone and lied that they had gone on a road trip to Naivasha.

The next day when news broke that she had been stabbed multiple times and her body dumped on the roadside in Kiambu, Glory says that the boyfriend then called her with a weird request.

“He even sent me pictures from a blog about Wangechi’s death,” Glory told TV47.

VDJ Flexx

Later, VDJ Flex tried to get her to meet him, something she refused. He requested if she can accompany him to DCI offices along Kiambu road.

In an earlier DCI statement, detectives said that VDJ Flex laid a trap for Purity who wanted to pick up her belonging from his house.

But she walked into a death trap.

The spinmaster and his two accomplices Kanaiya Kamau Njoroge and Brendan Mwaura Muchiri are on remand as the prosecution completes their investigation of the killing of Purity.

The three appeared before Kiambu Principal Magistrate Grace Omontho. They did not take plea, as the Magistrate granted the prosecution 14 days to continue holding them pending the conclusion of investigations and mental evaluation to ascertain whether they are fit to stand trial.

Mourning her best friend, Glory took to her social media and wrote,

“You made me smile, you were there for me…who will take up that role? Baby gal, I know I shouldn’t disturb you when you’re sleeping, you hate it but it’s been two days now, wake up, wake up!”

She added,

“Mamaaa wake up, there are soo many things we had planned to do together. Wangechi why? Why did you have to leave me like this, alone and disturbed?! Why? I’ll never stop loving you my dear best friend #RIPWANGECHI.”

In another tribute post, she wrote,

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget! I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never see you again, I hear you making fun of me, laughing together, going to class together, watching movies till midnight! We had plans Wangechi, what happened to, together till the end! Till we meet again.”

An Instagrammer consoled Glory, saying,

“She’ll wake up and you’ll do all the things you guys planned together, I dunno when but we’ll see her again.”

Glory responded with a heartwrenching statement saying,

“I want her back.”

Check out the last Tiktoks they shot together in their hostel room.


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