Unmarried Women Take The Lead In Use Of Contraceptives – Survey

A survey conducted by the Performance Monitoring for action, Kenya has found that more unmarried women are using contraceptives.

While 60.8 Percent of married women are using contraceptives, 62.3 percent of unmarried women who are sexually active are using various methods to prevent pregnancy.

Averagely, 46.2 percent of women in Kenya are using some form of contraceptive, with a majority being from Nandi County.


Nairobi county also reported an increase in contraceptive use between 2019 and 2020.

Among the women using contraceptives, 5 in 10 have involved their partners on their family planning decisions.

4 in 10 women did not inform their partners on the decision to use various contraceptives. The majority of women who involved their partners on the decisions are from rural areas.

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