Tourists Shocked Over How They All Travelled To Ghana And Got Pregnant

Ghana is best known for its peace and hospitality but now we can add that it is also a safe haven for getting pregnant.

tourist pregnant ghana

The women from the diaspora have shared their baby bump photos and pregnancy story online.

“Went to Ghana & Now I’m Pregnant,” one of the pregnant women captioned her post. She also added that “My Good friend @preciousbb is also Pregnant in Ghana !!”.

According to her, they have been friends for more than seven years and all of them getting pregnant around the same time after moving to Canada has become a thing of a shock to them.

“We were SHOCKED Friends over 7 years moved to Ghana Now about to be in motherhood together LOVE YOU SIS CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TOO,” she wrote.

Two of the pregnant women happened to be friends of Ghana’s most-followed YouTuber and travel influencer, Wode Maye, who shared their pregnant story. In the posts shared Wode Maya, about five of the women have taken seed in Ghana.

He captioned his post

“Big ups to my Ghanaian brothers cos my diaspora sisters moved to Ghana & they are all pregnant”.

His post has since gone viral with more than 1000 retweets, 4000+ likes and hundreds of comments from Twitter users.

See his tweet below with some comments from tweeps.


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