This Is The Deadliest Hand-Held Machine Gun Ever, Fires 1,300 Bullets In 10 Seconds

The deadliest machine gun ever made holds astronomical firing power – capable of firing up to 1,300 bullets in 10 seconds.

Named XM556, the machine gun is billed as ‘the world’s first hand-held 5.56mm micro gun’ by the makers.

The gun’s distinguishing factor is its size, as its small and light frame makes its fire power even more remarkable.

Deadliest Hand-Held Machine Gun

The XM556 has earned a number of nicknames for itself, such as being dubbed ‘the widow maker’, as well as being likened to a miniature version of the Gatling gun.

It has been said that the hand-held machine gun is the weapon of choice for ambushes, as it can lay down an immense amount of fire power instantaneously.

With the ability to fire up to 8,000 rounds in a minute, it is no surprise that this weapon has one of the highest rates of fire of any machine gun ever made.

The XM556 is a six-barrel machine gun requiring a 24-volt DC power source.

Being on the smaller and lighter side of guns with similar fire power, it weighs around 13lbs and is just under two feet long.

The machine gun fires a 5.56mm bullet, it is highly portable and can easily fit into a suitcase, making it ideal for covert operations.

It has been designed for very close combat of ranges less than 100 feet.

The gun was designed from scratch, with a completely new platform system.

A brand-new style of bolt was designed for the XM556 in order to eliminate current issues with the M134 style.


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