Thanks To Coronavirus, Nairobi Streets Are Empty

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Where are all the people? Nairobi is slowly turning into a ghost town thanks to the deadly coronavirus that is currently causing havoc across the globe.

Covid-19, which started at a food market in Wuhan-China late last year, has so far claimed more than 6,000 lives worldwide and infected hundreds of thousands more.

And with the government urging people to stay at home as much as possible by avoiding unnecessary movement and travel, it is no wonder that the always vibrant CBD is slowly turning into a ghost city.

These photos show just how Nairobi has transformed since the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the country on March 12 with three more cases confirmed since then.

No taking chances

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Nairobi Streets Deserted

Where are all the people?


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Where are all the people?

CBD is clear

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CDB is clear

People have disappeared

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People have disappeared

No partying

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