This Tesla Driver Was Caught Watching Porn While Stuck In Traffic Jam

A Tesla driver was spotted watching porn while stuck in a traffic jam – maybe he wanted to test out the car’s hand-free driving mode.

Fellow motorist Dan Kichener spotted the bloke while he stuck behind him in stop-start slow moving traffic in Addington, south London on 12 January.

tesla driver porn

The shocked dad saw the man scrolling through the selection available to him on the console in his 70-plate, £75,000 Tesla S before settling on the X-rated clips – I’m pretty sure the Highway Code has some robust guidelines on this sort of thing.

Dan said:

“It was slow moving traffic.

“It was literally stopping and starting, a maximum of about 5mph in short bursts.

“It appeared at first that the Tesla driver was looking through a catalogue or similar.

“I briefly thought to myself ‘well that’s naughty while he’s driving’.

“As we moved along I could see him clicking on images and zooming in and did a double take and realised he was zooming in on completely naked pictures of women.

“I was absolutely flabbergasted.

“It appeared to be some kind of website and he was just having a good scroll through.

“I couldn’t believe it.”

As you can imagine, after Dan shared his unusual discovery online the jokes came rolling in. One person commented:

“Oh no. He’s got a crack in his screen.”

Another said: “Always wondered why you need such a big screen.”

While someone added: “Keep your eyes on the road at all times.”

Even Dan couldn’t resist making a joke, adding:

“I didn’t mind being stuck in a bit of slow traffic for once. Sights were marvellous.

“Just when you thought you had seen it all.”

Last year, Tesla made the decision to alter its in-car gaming functionality meaning that it can no longer be used while the car is in motion following pressure from the United States’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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