Steve Harvey Pencil Drawing By Kenyan Artist Goes Viral, Gets Attention Of Comedian

A Kenyan artist may have struck gold after one of his pencil drawings went viral and caught the attention of comedian, Steve Harvey.

It all started when the artist, Collins Omondi Okello, created a pencil drawing of famous TV personality Steve Harvey.

Collins shared his work on Twitter with hopes that the TV personality will find it by asking his followers to tag and comment until it reaches him.

The piece of art was a headshot of the vibrant Harvey complete with authentic reflection, wrinkled eyes filled with mirth and his signature mustache.

It didn’t take long for his luck to set in! A few hours later, the boisterous US media personality famed for his daytime TV show dubbed ‘Steve’ responded with an uplifting message to the Kenyan artist.

This is a classic case of “you miss 100 of the shots you don’t make”! Congratulations to Collins, talent over hype any day!


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