Coronavirus: This South African Wife Is Thankful To God For Lockdown As Her Husband Stays Home For The First Time In Years

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South Africa like other African countries is under lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus disease.

News portals report Mzansi as one of the countries with the strictest lockdown directives as the police fire rubber bullets to enforce lockdown.

As many perish due to the ravaging virus others believe this is the time marriages and relationships will be strengthened.

Interestingly, this could be a way couples mend their relationships as this wife prays to God, thanking Him for bringing quarantine into their life as the lockdown has forced her husband to stay home.

She is heard in her prayer saying “we know that quarantine is not good but father, we want to thank you because it is to our advantages… We know our husbands are not happy, they’re very angry about this quarantine but father, you did it for a reason.”

“Now we can spend time together,” she added.

Take a look at this video.


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