So, Naked Models Call For Peace In Body Paint Of Ukraine And Russia Flag

Pampano Beach-based adult models Vvs Diamond, 27, and Sosa Pierre, 28, were spotted strutting their stuff in a South Florida parking lot while wearing nothing but G-strings and body paint in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Each woman was painted to resemble one nation’s flag calling for “peace.”

naked models calls for peace

Footage shared on social media and reported by Jam Press show Pierre splashed in white, blue and red in a nod to Russia, while Diamond honored Ukraine in yellow and pale blue paint.

“Spread love not war ☮️,” the women captioned in a post on Instagram, which quickly racked up 5,100 likes. One follower gushed, “This brought tears to my eyes I would like to personally thank them.”

The two women walked hand-in-hand while waving at gawking passersby, as The United Orchestra’s “We Stand with Ukraine” played over the clip. Some were unimpressed with their bold gesture, calling it “hella goofy” and a “sad” attempt to “go viral” in the comments.

Still, others praised Diamond and Pierre for their effort to keep followers informed about world affairs. “We need more content like this. So we can spread awareness and s–t like that,” wrote one follower.


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