Rev. Eastwood Anaba “My Father In Law Called Me “Gonzaless” To Stop My Wife From Marrying Me”

Founder and leader of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Reverend Eastwood has indicated that his wife is his most beautiful earthly reward.

He says this is because considering his background, if not for God he would have never met such a lady from a family with that kind of social class.

“Look at my most beautiful, most gorgeous, most wonderful earthly reward, my wife Rosemond. Look at such a reward, who am I to get such a wife,” he said while raining accolades on his wife.


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He continued “when we were in school I was her servant, I served her. She was my friend but she was the daughter of a big man. I remember one day I went to Accra and both of us were going to school. We were in an STC, we were in the car when she said Eastwood I left my shoes. We had reached Suhum. The money I used in paying my fare, virtue had left me.

“As soon as she told me, I jumped out of the car without even thinking. I said STC driver stop, they stopped I jumped out. I was standing by the roadside when I saw a truck passing and I jumped into the trunk of the open truck. When I got to where Sister Nana left her shoes, behold they were there in a bag and I took the shoe and sat in another STC, came back to campus, I went to her room in Africa Hall and I said Nana here are your shoes. All that while if somebody told me this will be my wife, I will say no. She was far higher and better than me. This is a big man’s daughter and she carried herself well, a first-class lady.

“I called her my sister. Today I don’t know, out of anywhere… Sometimes I look at myself and say so what did this woman see in me. One day her father asked her whether Eastwood was the only man she saw whiles in school because he appeared and looked like a refugee. I used to go to their house and the father will look at me. The father gave me a name “Gonzales” just to discourage the daughter from going near me,” he told his congregation.

With the trials he had to go through with life, Eastwood Anaba is of the view that everyone should pray and believe that their reward is on its way.


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