Today In History: Ghana’s Komla Dumor Dies From Cardiac Arrest

It’s been 7 years since the world lost Africa’s finest journalist, Komla Afeke Dumor, who died on January 18, 2014, at the age of 41.

The revered Ghanaian broadcaster suffered a cardiac arrest in London where he was working as the pioneer presenter of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World News programme, Focus on Africa, which launched in 2012.

He was likeable and carried along his Africanness wherever he went and in whatever he did, even at the BBC. It will be an understatement to describe Komla Dumor as a rising star because he was already etched in the galaxy of the world’s big names. He was also a role model and an inspiration to many young African journalists.

The BBC could not afford to let him go out of its heart hence the creation of the Komla Dumor Award which is presented to outstanding journalists living and working in Africa, with strong journalism skills, on-air flair, and an exceptional talent in telling African stories.

The requirements for the award where exactly who Komla Dumor was, as evidenced by his beginnings in the world of broadcasting. Komla was born in Accra on October 3, 1972, to academician parents.

His father, Ernest Dumor, was a professor of sociology and his mother, Cecilia Dumor, was an educationist, editor and writer of children’s books who influenced Komla to take up journalism.



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