Recovered Covid-19 Patient Demands Ksh 25M For Publicized Status

A local businessman and now recovered Covid-19 patient in Isiolo County is now demanding a compensation sum amounting to Ksh 25 Million for the stigma he suffered when his health status was publicized.

According to Osman Shariff who was the first patient on record in the county, his family and businesses suffered the consequences of the exposure.

His businesses allegedly incurred losses following reduced sales which he believes were steered by the stigma.

Shariff claims his healthcare providers at Garbatula Hospital where he was isolated took and shared photos of him on social media thus revealing his personal data.

Following his recent recovery from the virus, the 62-year-old man now demands compensation for the damages from the county government of Isiolo: Something he says he continues to suffer to date since his previous positive status was leaked in May.

1a5b5022 osman shariff
File Image of Osman Shariff

He is reported to be the owner of a wholesale store in Garbatula Town and also owns PSVs in the town, all of which he says have been snubbed by the public since.

Additionally, he revealed how a hotel in Isiolo lied to his face that they were fully booked just so they wouldn’t book him accommodation at the facility.

Explaining further damages, the businessman reported that his daughter was attacked by a mob in Maua town and beaten for belonging to “the Covid family”.






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