Rasta Student Fnally Arrives In Achimota School To Complete His Admssion After Court Ruling

Mr Nkrabea and his family are currently in Achimota School to undergo the admission process for his son who is a Rastafarian.

As we have all come to know, this issue started when Achimota School asked some two Rastafarian kids to cut off their hair or forfeit their admission.

One of the student Tyrone Mharguy and his family took the matter to court and the court has ruled in their favor directing Achimota School to admit the student with immediate effect.

The Achimota School has said they will appeal but did not state if they will admit the students for the time being or not.

It has remained a tussle in the last two months with opinions on the matter still divided.

We wait to see how the day ends now that Mr Nkrabea and his son are in the school for admission after the court verdict.



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