Drama as Protesting Youth Dump Casket Outside Parliament

Drama unfolded earlier today as a group of protesting youth dumped a brown casket outside the Nairobi Parliament.

News reports say that they were protesting against police brutality and killings.

The caskets were used to symbolize the lives that were lost in the killings. Names of some of the victims were also inscribed on them.

Police were called in to clear the caskets from outside the parliament.

Human rights activist groups are reported to have estimated up to 20 similar deaths since the dusk to dawn curfew was effected in the country.

Phrases such as “Youth Lives Matter! Stop Police Brutality!” were written on some of the placards they carried along.

Police brutality
Courtesy: The Star

On Monday, the demonstrators from Mathare marched in the streets of Nairobi to protest against extrajudicial killings.

While at it, they chanted words condemning the abuse of power by law enforcement officers.

The Star has sampled out a number of incidents in which the police overstepped their bounds.

One Samuel Njoroge is reported to have broken his nose in the arms of the cops a few minutes before curfew. The Star reports.

Also, another victim identified as Vitalis Owino was going to answer the call of nature when he was shot.

According to Pulse Kenya, six officers have cases filed against them. They have also reported that the Independent Policing and Oversight Authority (IPOA) has confirmed working on 87 cases.

Source: The Star

Planting coffins in significant locations is becoming a strategy that many protests are taking to. In this scenario, it is aimed at drawing the attention of the authorities.

It has happened before in this country and also in the neighbouring Uganda.






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