Pope Francis Is Under Fire For Telling Couples Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, has advocated abstinence from premarital sex. In a recently released document, titled Catechumenal Itineraries for Married Life, the Pope suggests couples not to have sex before marriage.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

The 97-page document contains detailed advice on romantic relationships among Roman Catholics. The preface for the pastoral guidelines was laid down by the Pope himself.

“The Church, in every age, is called to proclaim anew the beauty and abundance of grace contained in the Sacrament of Marriage and the family life which flows from it, especially to young people,” it read, reported Vatican News.

“The Church should never lack courage to propose the precious virtue of chastity even though it is now in direct contrast with common mentality. It is worth helping young spouses to be able to find the time to deepen their friendship and to accept God’s grace. Premarital chastity certainly favours this course,” the guidelines suggested.

However, the new guide on married life issued by Pope Francis has drawn criticism for taking a rather an orthodox and outdated approach to relationships as it praises chastity, calling it “precious virtue.”

The document also mentioned that sex is important in a marriage as long as it results in procreation. The document received criticism from various experts. Theologian Father Alberto Maggi said, “Documents like these are a step backwards,” as reported by the Express.

“The church should listen more to the reality of young people today, of how they live, before reissuing the doctrine they have always proposed,” Father Alberto added.

According to Italian theologian Vito Mancuso, sex is important as it provides way for couples to know each other prior to committing to marriage.

“To exclude it, as Catholic doctrine has always done, is a grave ethical error, ” he was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.


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