Ghanaian gospel musician Piesie Esther shared a few introspects on how her colleagues can sustain their marriages.


For her, the success of her marriage relies upon God’s intervention and their ability to solve issues quickly and amicably. She told Delay,

“In this business, if God doesn’t give you the wisdom and a mindset of Christ, you would go overboard with many things because we meet many people. You will meet prominent and wealthy men.

So you may feel your husband is inferior to the ones who pay attention to you. And so why should you submit and obey him? If you are not careful, you will become proud and arrogant because you are more famous than your husband.”

According to Piesie Esther, this attitude is the beginning of their downfall. And that the only thing that can save her colleagues and herself is God.

“You begin to think that even if your husband leaves, someone ‘better’ would come along. So if God doesn’t help you with pure thoughts, you will fall for these temptations.”

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