US Pastor Says It’s A Sin For Women To Post Photos Of Themselves In Bikinis, Bra Or Underwear

A pastor in the U.S. has stirred controversy after urging women to stop posting certain kinds of photos online.

pastor girls dont wear bikini

Brian Sauvé, who works at Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah, has been accused of being misogynistic towards women after he took to Twitter to seemingly urge “ladies” on behalf of all men about showing skin on social media.

“Dear Ladies, there is no reason whatsoever for you to post pictures of yourself in low cut shirts, bikinis, bra and underwear, or anything similar – ever,” he tweeted.

He continued: “Not to show your weight loss journey. Not to show your newborn baby. Not to document your birth story – Your Brothers.”

Brian has received backlash for his tweet which has received more than 20,000 replies from users arguing against Sauvé’s sentiment. The pastor’s claim also prompted the creation of a now-viral #DearBrian trend.

In a rebuttal, one user wrote:

“Dear Gentlemen, There is no reason whatsoever for you to post pictures of yourself wearing a beard, a tight T shirt, shorts or anything similar – ever. Not to show your arms. Not to show your personal best. Not to document anything, ever. – Your Sisters.”

American Author John Pavlovitz took a dig at Brian, tweeting: “Dear Brian, Pastors like you are why the Church is known for misogyny and the subjugation of women more than empathy and equity. You should try the sacred ministry of minding your own damn business.”

In a series of follow-up tweets, Sauvé defended and stood by his comment.

“Quite a few men and women who would likely identify as liberal feminists have recently taken quite the interest in my Twitter account,” he wrote. “Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.”

He added, “If a man were to send you unsolicited nude pictures or sexually explicit videos of himself, you would (rightly!) judge him as a sexually abusive pervert. But you can do it to me? How does the ethical math work out on that? Maybe your sexual ethics aren’t so ethical after all.”

Sauvé also told his Twitter critics that he doesn’t “hate you,” but we’re all “hypocrites, sinners, and moral vagabonds” and the “freedom from the crippling weight of your sin through Christ.”


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