Obom-Domeabra Residents Apologize For Beating Soldiers

The Odum Plala Okyeame, Okyeame Adukwei on behalf of the residents of Obom-Domeabra has apologised to the military and the entire nation for brutalising two soldiers at Dome Faase earlier this week.

According to him, they mistook the soldiers for land guards hence the unwarranted attack on them.

“We thought they were land guards, but we have come to realise that they are soldiers and so we are very sorry. We are not justifying that landguards deserve to be brutalised but the President said he has stopped landguards from operating and i am not justifying our actions because every life matters. We really apologise,” he said.

Speaking on Atinka FM’s AM Drive, hosted by Ekourba Gyasi, Okyeame Adukwei admitted that the youth who attacked the soldiers had faulted, therefore calling on the military to forgive them.

However, he said they had complained about the mistreatment by those who were claiming the land, including destroying their farm produce on several occasions but they had no positive response from their authorities.

Soon after the clash between the soldiers and residents, about three hundred soldiers reportedly stormed Obom-Domeabra to retaliate and as well look for two missing guns.

It was reported that all the men in the town fled leaving their wives and children at home.

When the military got to the town, they went to each house to search for their guns and marched all the women to a park as a form of punishment.


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