Police In North Korea Arrest Dance Teacher For Teaching Her Students “Capitalist” Moves

NORTH Korean authorities have reportedly arrested a dance tutor for teaching “capitalist” routines to students – who were also rounded up.

The instructor, in her 30s, is believed to have been caught by the Anti-Socialism Inspection Group in Pyongsong City teaching disco-style moves to teen students last month.

The Anti-Socialism Inspection Group is run by Kim Jong-un’s ruthless State Security Department and the police.

Kim Jong-un prisoner corpse

Under the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture Act, passed late in 2020, North Koreans face being punished for a number of offences – including harbouring TV shows or music from the US and South Korea and could face the death penalty.

A source, who requested anonymity for security purposes, revealed last week that authorities have been cracking down on people watching shows from South Korea.

“The Anti-Socialism Inspection Group caught a dance instructor in her 30s who was teaching foreign-style disco dances to teenage students in Yangji-dong, Pyongsong City”, a North Korean source told Radio Free Asia. “[The authorities] had been intensively cracking down on people for watching South Korean movies and distributing foreign media.

“At the scene of the crackdown on the dance instructor that day, a USB flash drive containing foreign songs and dance videos had been plugged in, next to the flat screen TV. “Teenage students were learning how to dance by imitating the choreography on screen.

“The Anti-Socialism Inspection Group seized the flash drive and took the instructor and all of the students to their headquarters.”

The source said authorities relaxed enforcements around Seollal – the Lunar New Year holiday – but the Anti-Socialism Inspection group reportedly ramped up activities in December.

Another source told the outlet that he had heard the instructor was running a private dance school out of her home after struggling to pay bills on a teacher’s salary.

He claimed students could attend private lessons for one or two hours twice a week.

“They preferred to learn to dance like they do in South Korea, China and America, rather than in the North Korean style. So, she taught them how,” he said.

It is alleged officers from the Anti-Socialism Inspection Group watched the dance instructor’s home in plain clothes before raiding the house.

A third source claimed most of the children are from wealthy families.

They said:

“Since the Central Committee has ordered that those who violate the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture Act be severely punished regardless of their rank or class, the foreign dance instructor and students caught this time will not be spared from hard labour.

“Their parents are also likely to be punished by being forced to leave the party.”


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