Duncan Williams “No One Is Manipulating You To Take Your 10% Tithe, Ignore Your Ignorant Friends”

The founder of Action Chapel International has, thus, asked Christians to give, in terms of tithing, according to their will and not feel manipulated to do so.

“Everybody, say the number 10 means lacking nothing and wanting nothing and that is what a tithe is all about,” he taught the congregation in his second service at Spintex.

The whole world, the Ghanaian preacher noted, “lies in wickedness”.

“This whole world is contaminated. And everything in this world is contaminated”, he stressed, adding: “God said: ‘When you bring me the 10 percent, you are doing a few things: Number one, you’re making a statement that I am your source; that you are not your source; that God is; and number two: He [God] said ‘The ten will sanctify the 90’, so, as you come with your tithe, please don’t give if you feel anybody is persuading or manipulating you; don’t give”.

“It’s a willing thing; you do it because you love God and you do it because you understand the benefits of doing it,” he pointed out.

“It’s not because somebody said you should do it but you do it because you are convicted, you know that it is the right thing to do and if you do, come forward with your tithe and believe that God will sanctify the 90; and people like the Rockefellers and many [others]; if you have it [list of prominent tithers], you can put it on the screen.”

“The first billionaire of the world was a tither. His name was Rockefeller and if you go down [pointing to the list on the screen], these are all tithers.

“So, don’t tell me that somebody is manipulating you and somebody wants your 10 percent; don’t be fooled and don’t listen to those ignorant friends of yours out there”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said.

“You can google all these names [pointing to the list of prominent and rich people on the screen], check them and you’ll see; all these people, they were tithers”.

“They gave 10 percent of their income to God and God blew them up”, he noted.

“So, nobody is trying to manipulate you; we’re just trying to help you and if you don’t feel it, don’t do it but those who do it will get the results”, he urged.

“All these guys were tithers [pointing to the screen]”.

“The first billionaire of the world was a tither and if you go down [the list], you’ll see them all, so, if you want to prove God, take a chance,” he said while calling on the congregation to bring their tithes.


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